суббота, 9 мая 2009 г.

Smart Squares Contest Winners

And finally we are glad to publish here names of the winners
of the Smart Squares Contest.

Congratulations go to:

Also we decided to select the most active user who successfully solved this puzzle, but was not lucky enough to be in the above list. And this is ...

  • Stykman

пятница, 8 мая 2009 г.

Smart Squares Contest

Would you like to get the new fascinating iPhone game "Smart Squares"?
Then it's your chance.

With this game you dive into the bright world of multi-colored squares. It has rather simple rules - the goal is to cover the main square using smaller squares. But its witty levels completely keeps your mind.

New contest is started just now. Solve the following rebus and extract the task of this contest.

You can use the following resources for the accomplishment of this task.

Main Square 8x8

10 Squares 2x2

1 Square 3x3

15 Squares 1x1

Do this task and send the solution to thinklogicallygames@gmail.com. Please DO NOT post your solutions. Just add the reply in the corresponding thread on the touchArcade. Your solution should be in jpeg format and have the name solution_your_nick_name.jpeg. Of course, you could ask questions. But not all questions have anwers :)

List of winners will be available here. We will post one name of the winner per day starting from tomorrow. On Wendsday - May, 13 names of all winners will be posted and promo codes will be sent to them.

It's your chance. Try and take a dare!

четверг, 7 мая 2009 г.

Fifteen puzzle

This is the first post of this blog and I'd like to devote it to one of the most popular puzzles. It has a lot of names and variations - fifteen puzzle, eight puzzle, Sam Lloyd's slide puzzle,....

The goal of this magic game is to arrange the tiles in correct order from 1 to 15 using the empty space.

This puzzle combines all features of successful logical games - it's very easy to understand the rules of this puzzle, it keeps your mind on solving it and at the same time it does not require any additional knowledge or skills. It makes this game so popular and addictive for people of all ages.

It was invented and claimed by Noyes Chapman in 1880 and almost immediately started its triumph journey around the world. A little bit later Sam Lloyd's "drove the whole world crazy" with his variant of 15 puzzle and a prize of 1000 dollars for it's correct solution. He kept money in his pocket because this problem is impossible to solve.

In one of the next posts we consider why this variant is really insoluble. But for now try to solve the following nice version of the puzzle. You need to rearrange the tiles below to get the following text "RATE YOU MIND PAL".

There are a lot of different variations of fifteen game available for iPhone. You can select one depending on your taste and requirements. Later we consider the particular examples standing out for their interesting functionality. But if you want to rack your brains with famous addictive game or remember your childhood - try this puzzle. You will not regret for the time spending on it.